7. 5. 2007
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deník o všem, o čem se v České republice příliš nemluví
8. 5. 2007

The US radar will be built in the Czech Republic -- the fear that people might die is no argument

Czech Prime Minister Topolánek: People die everywhere. Some of them die in the wars, others during car crashes, some just die

The village of Borovno, Brdy, Czech Republic, 4th May, 2007. A debate with Czech Prime Minister Topolánek, Defence Secretary Parkanová and other government officials.

First, it was interesting that the government delegation said that it would only debate the issue of the radar with the villagers from Borovno and Spálené Poříčí. You see, these are the villlages whose lord mayors support the Prime Minister ("Give us the money, we will accept the radar"). At Borovno, the debate started at 3.15 pm. Since a "rabbit telegraph" works here amongst all the villages, the Prime Minister was not in an empty hall. The large hall was overcrowded with citizens from many villages who came to tell the Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary what they think about their plan to build the radar monster here in Brdy. And it was not even yet known then, that two radars might be built in Brdy.

With the government delegation came also Lieutenant Colonel Professor Jan Osterreicher (he said almost nothing), medic Dr. Pavel Bednarčík and General Košner.

Prime Minister Topolánek opened the debate by saying that he was glad that we now can freely meet and talk, unlike in 1968 when the Soviet military presence was forced upon the people. He asked the citizens: "Where were you in 1968 when we were being occupied by the Russians? Today, this hall is crowded!" This opening statement did not go down well with the public.

He was basically saying: "Be glad that unlike in 1968, someone is even willing to talk to you. Anyway, I am not willing to debate with you whether the radar should be here. I am not interested in the fact that a public referendum would reject the radar. I will only talk to you on my own terms, responding to your questions in the way that suits me. You must accept my views.

One lady asked what will the Czech Republic receive from the Americans for stationing the radar here and what will Topolánek be given by them. Topolánek did not answer the first question, he said that he personally was not going to be given anything by the Americans, people should ask previous social democratic politicians what they got. Topolánek is only now trying to deal with this matter and wants to bring the decision-making process to a conclusion.

Why then did the US government officially ask the Czech Republic to build the radar one day after Topolánek's government was approved by Parliament [after two social democratic MPs defected to vote for them]? Since this was a former social democratic Prime Minister's Špidla's deal, why do not the currently ruling Civic Democrats reject this whole issue?

Why is there no information about the impact of the radar on the health of the people, in spite of the fact that the Czech Republic has been negotiation with the US about the anti-missile shield for at least 5 years now?

Why cannot Topolánek truthfully answer the question about the strength of the radar radiation and the radar's precise location? Topolánek does not have a mandate to negotiate with the US about the radar because his party did not include the building of the radar in their election programme. He should ask what the voters think, yet he refuses to do so.

Topolánek then said that he is passing the citizens' questions on to the US experts.

But if he does not know answers to these important questions, how can he be trying to persuade the people that the radar is good since he knows nothing about it? Will he trust just anything that the US will tell him? Will he be making his decisions on the basis of the nonsense which he is now telling the population, even though the facts are different?

If the US investor tells lies, how will the Prime Minister verify his assertions?

Since the PM needs to ask questions of the Americans, since he needs to drag out the answers from them, this means that they are deliberately hiding information from him. He should not participate in such a devious project.

Topolánek and a military expert said that measurements will be taken by specialists from the city of Hradec Králové.

How can measurements be taken since the radar has not been built yet? How will the US data be verified? Why has no Czech scientist so far defended the radar in public?

Topolánek answered that many such radars are already in existence all over the world. But the Czech Army has said in its A-Report monthly, that this is going to be an absolutely new, unique radar. So who is telling the untruth? How will be the stray radiation measured? What if there is serious stray radiation -- will the local people have to move away from their villages?

An army expert said: The radiation is harmless, it only heats up the tissues.

But we do not wish to have our tissues heated up. People have the right to decide whether they want their tissues heated up!

In reality, the heating up of human tissues is dangerous. For instance, it would be dangerous to heat up the tissues of the testicles.

The Trokavec Lord Mayor told Prime Minister Topolánek that within 10 kilometres of the radar the health regulation radiation limit will be probably breached, according to an independent specialist Zbyněk Škvor from the Prague Technological University. He asked Mr. Topolánek to have this investigated.

Topolánek answered that the Trokavec Lord Mayor's assertion is incorrect.

A citizen asked what might happen if the anti-rocket shoots down the "terrorist" rocket. Topolánek could not explain this, nor could the present General Košner. So the medic dr. Bednarčík started explaining: he said that both rockets will scatter into miniature particles. This was in direct contradiction to what General Oberling said on 25th January 2007. He pointed out that the largest fragment, falling to earth, will be about 15 centimetres large.

No one mentioned that these fragments can be radioactive and can have bacteriological content.

One citizen asked how the US anti-missile shield will protect the Czech Republic and why the US does not built this radar in Asia, nearer the "terrorist states". Topolánek did not answer this question.

Another citizen told Defence Secretary Parkanová that he expected of her that she, as a woman, would defend peace. She answered that peace must be defended with weapons and that she will do everything for the building of the radar.

The Defence Secretary did not tell the citizens who was threatening the Czech Republic, who was threatening peace in Europe or why she defended US interests.

Do you not realise, Defence Secretary that the US radar will make the Czech Republic a target? Why do you ignore the UN and NATO and the common EU defence policy?

Why do you want to align yourself with the US who have cancelled its signature under the ballistic missiles treaty, abolished the doctrine of the ban of using nuclear weapons as the first attacker, ignores the UN and has already started one war using mendacious arguments?

Topolánek said that before the Second World War, Winston Churchill warned Europe that war was impending and the whole of Europe ignored him.

We would like to recommend Mr Topolánek to revise his history. The Second World War unofficially started on Czechoslovak territory. Due to the annexation of Czech territory by a foreign power.

If the US is for Topolánek today's Winston Churchill, who is in his view today's Hitler, since the US now wish to wage "preventative" wars?

Deputy Lord Mayor of Borovno asked what Borovno will be given for the radar. He said there was no infrastructure, there were no wells, no sewage system. Topolánek answered that finally, someone is talking sense. He said it was shameful that people are not wanting to take up the offer. Theirs is a God-forsaken region, suffering from unemployment.

If he is right, why he as Prime Minister does not provide finance to stimulate the local economy without a US radar?

Brdy is an area of outstanding natural beauty. People from Prague and Plzeň have second homes here. There are no unemployed paupers here, Mr. Topolánek. If is pitiful to offer people a new sewage system or new wells for their consent with the radar.

How many millions of dollars does the US now pay to the original Kwayalein inhabitants who have been moved out to Ebeya for the hiring of their island and for the damage to the environment? How much will the US pay to the Czech Republic.

We would accept, instead of the sewage systém, an offer from Mr. Topolánek that he would move in here and will make himself subject to 24-hour radiation. We live here, we are threatened and we do not want the radar.

One lady citizen asked: When new insulation was being tested on the space shuttle Columbia, the US crew was told that the shuttle's take-off and landing is perfectly safe. Yet the shuttle burnt and killed all those on board. You are telling us that the radar will be totally safe. What will happen if this is not true and there are harmful effects?

Topolánek answered: People die everywhere. Some of them die in the wars, others during car crashes, some just die.

So the Prime Minister accepts the fact that as a result of the stationing of the radar people will be dying here? Do we need a Prime Minister who is willing to expose his own citizens to health risk?

People asked Topolánek why he does not want to run a referendum on this issue. He answered that according to the Constitution, the Czech Republic is an indirect democracy. People are represented by their MPs who have time to study the issue and who will bear responsibility for their decision. People asked what responsibility is this. Topolánek: Political responsibility.

But Members of Parliament are not more qualified or more intelligent than citizens. They have less information because they believe the nonsense that the government tells them.

None of the Czech political parties has had this important issue in its election programme. So, the politicians do not have a popular mandate to make a decision in such an important issue.

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