Former Slovak diplomat: "Brussels is run by idiots"

13. 9. 2015

"Europe is governed by incredible fools and opportunists. I know them well. Brussels is run by idiots," says former Slovak diplomat, MP and writer in an interview with the controversial Czech website Parlamentní listy.

"I have a metaphor to describe the refugee crisis. Someone has made a hole in a bath tub and water is running out. What does a normal person do when water is running out from a bath tub? A normal person will try to block the hole. And yet European politicians are running about thinking 'What should we doing about the water running out of that hole?' They are fools and opportunists of the highest calibre. I know them well, I used to sit with them in the Council of Europe and in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

I want to send a message to Mrs. Merkel - the more refugees you accept, the more you will worsen their situation. Because no one wants to leave their own country and European politicians are tempting them to do so.

Friends from Germany have been visiting me here in Slovakia and I asked them 'How do the Germans accept the refugees?' They replied: 'In Germany, we are victims of gross propaganda, people in Germany are angry and television shows how in Munich refugees are invited with open arms. It is terrible censorship.' We must stop the refugee flows. In this, I fully support [the Slovak PM] Fico and [the Hungarian PM] Orbán. Once a Syrian refugee in Slovakia learns that his brother in Germany is receiving 500 euros while he is getting only 50 is Slovakia, he will of course immediately move to Germany. Hence refugee quotas are total nonsense.

Merkel is doing this under pressure from the USA and also she thinks that these unfortunate people will do menial work for the Germans. Most of the refugees are young, healthy strong men. This means that someone is trying to destroy Europe because once Germany is destroyed, Europe will be destroyed. I hereby tell Mrs. Merkel that she is killing Europe.

Former European colonial countries have turned their former colonies into basket cases. Half of the population of the world lives under the poverty line. They are all potential refugees. But it is not the fault of the Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles, Czechs or Austrians. They have never exploited any colonies. Why should we be forced to solve problems which we have not created? The English have similar views. In England, there are now fan clubs of Vladimir Putin. The media will of course suppress this information."

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Josef Banáš worked as a diplomat for the pre-1989 communist regime, in 1990-1992 he was deputy ambassador of Czechoslovakia in Vienna, in 2002-2006 he was a Slovak MP, later he was head of the Slovak parliamentary delegations to the Council of Europe and to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He worked as Deputy Chair of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He is also a writer of fiction. In Slovakia, he has been accused of acting as an informer for the communist secret police before 1989.

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