Czech school has sent Roma first form children to a separate class

9. 9. 2015

The parents of Roma children who have started attending first form in the school of Krásná Lípa in northern Bohemia are protesting against discrimination. The school has placed the first form Roma children in a separate class, arguing that it wants to help them because they did not attend nursery school. The school insists it needs to teach the Roma children basic things such as going to the toilet and how to hold a pen or scissors in their hands. The Roma parents find it outrageous that the school presumes that their children do not have this basic knowledge. While the school argues that the Roma children will have special assistants in the segregated class, Jan Kolář, lord mayor of the town has admitted that one of the reasons for the segregation is that a number of parents of white children in his town do not want to send their offspring to classes with Roma children.

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