Tomio Okamura: "Jean-Claude Juncker has attacked the sovereignty of the Czech Republic"

9. 9. 2015

"The Czech political movement Freedom and Direct Democracy sees today's presentation by Jean-Claude Juncker, the Chair of the European Commission, as an assault on the sovereignty of the Czech Republic," says Czech MP Tomio Okamura in his statement. "The demand for a compulsory redistribution of immigrants and for legalisation of immigration is an infringement of the fundamental right of a sovereign country to decide whom to allow to enter its territory. The Czech statehood has been born from the blood and the victims of our nation and it will not be arbitrarily assaulted by an EU official. The current EU policy is directed against the sovereignty of the Czech Republic. Its aim is to create a multicultural European superstate.

The islamization of Europe is a dangerous part of the EU policy. This is why the Czech Republic must leave the European Union. Islam and freedom are incompatible, just as the vision of the European superstate, of absolute control, redistribution of funds and of media manipulation are incompatible with Czech independence. We must take steps for the strenthening of the independence of the Czech Republic and for the defence of the interests of our citizens. We will demand an in-out EU referendum and the outlawing of jihad and sharia law. We will demand that the borders of the Czech republic are controlled by the army. We reject immigrant quotas and the acceptance of any illegal immigrants into the Czech Republic. We refuse to bear responsibility for the multicultural errors made by the governments of France and Germany. We want to give humanitarian help to the Syrian government of President Assad so that it could help the individuals fleeing from that country. We call on the Czech government, MPs and Senators to act, in line with the Czech Constitution, in the interest of the Czech Republic. They must not yield to pressure and submit to foreign interests. If the Czech government accepts illegal immigrants and will tolerate the islamisation of our country, we will call for a vote of no confidence in the government."

Tomio Okamura is a Czech Member of Parliament, whose party Dawn of Direct Democracy obtained 6,88 per cent of the popular vote in the Czech general election in 2013 and holds 14 of the 200 seats in the Czech Parliament. His grouping has now allied itself with two other extremist, anti-immigration organisations, with Martin Konvička's "Anti-islamic Bloc" and with another extreme right wing organisation, Strana Svobodných (The Party of the Free) for the forthcoming regional and Senate elections in the Czech Republic.


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