Hundreds of people demonstrated in Prague on Saturday against islam and against islamophobia

12. 9. 2015

Two opposing demonstrations, each attended by hundreds of activists, took place on Wenceslas Square in Prague on Saturday afternoon. The anti-islamic xenophobe Martin Konvička from the Anti-Islamic Bloc and MP Tomio Okamura from his party Dawn of Direct Democracy spoke against islam. One speaker at this demonstration condemned what he called the "hypocrisy of the blind multicultural lunatics". Their self-preservation instinct was allegedly being erased by "Allah from the USA (meaning the UN)", and by "Mohammed from Brussels".

Pro refugee activists wore placards with inscriptions such as "Hatred is not a solution" and "Migration is not a crime". Supporters of both demonstrations hurled abuse at each other, both demonstrations were separated by police lines. There were no scuffles.

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Obsah vydání | Pátek 11.9. 2015