7. 12. 2006
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deník o všem, o čem se v České republice příliš nemluví
7. 12. 2006

A Letter from Argentina VIII.

Full House

My face feels all dry and a bit burned from the sun I have been enjoying today, laying on my terrace. But I have just moved myself to the sofa in the living room because by the effort of big dark clouds raindrops were thrown on my face. Now I am wonderfully comfortable on the sofa, with some nice relaxing tunes playing from Gaston's computer. A while ago a friend from back home in Scotland came out here to visit Gaston and he is still staying with us, and is probably going to stay for quite a while longer! He's a real darling, or as they say in Scottish: "He's a legend!"

But now with Owen here too, I am quite aware of the fact I am now living with two men and the house is not that big and now not that clean either! We get on perfectly and it feels like a family, which is good. It makes the inconvenient worth the fun so to say. Because as I am a yoga freak and like my sunny mornings I want to get out to the terrace when I wake up at respectable time, which unfortunately does not coincide with Owens times at all! When we furnished our house we had the idea to get a sofa futon, which you can put down as a bed, having thought of quests coming over, not having known it would get occupied, lived on, inhabited and colonized by Scotland! So each morning I am confronted with the quest of `how to get out on the terrace', for the sofa has become a double bed in front of the glass doors and also has he banned the door with the roller blinds they are so obviously keen on in Argentina. It's like a metal curtain that blocks all life and light from your house. They do not excite me, I prefer to be woken up by the sun then the annoying beeps of an alarm clock and since these metal-roller-curtains do such a good job in sealing you of from the world, enclosing you in your own home, you basically could sleep forever with them down. And that is what Owen does.

So each morning, first, I climb over the bed trying not to step on him or wake him. Then, once I get to the cord, I start raising the incredible heavy metal-curtain while try to not breath or move to hard. When it's high enough to limbo dance myself underneath it I try to squeeze the door on a chink and drop myself out on the terrace. Look back and see that Owen has not even moved a finger, not bothered by the tumults of what seems to me like giving birth.

Two day's ago also Gaston's sister arrived so we had her in his bed and the two guys out on the sofa; full house, checkmate. Yesterday all three of them went up north to `Iguazu' to see natures amazing phenomenon of the waterfalls there. I have seen them when I came the first time to Argentina, so I stayed home and now enjoy the wonders of peace and solitude. I fell asleep contently after having cleaned the whole house when they had left.

Sometimes my rock `n roll life here is stopped for half an hour sleep on the sofa or an hour on my bed. I honestly hardly stop or sit down from doing things and how can I in a city like this? Especially if you only have one year to discover all about it. So these naps are treasured. I had also seen Pablo again who came back last weekend after being with his dad at the hospital, and every time I stay over at his I need some serious recap of sleep done. His flat, comparable to a castle apartment wherein I always get lost, has the only short fall of being on the first floor. It faces what seems a nice and residential street but apparently serves as the gateway from here to there because it has loads of traffic, meaning I am consistently vibrated out of the bed every time a bus passes by. I thought I would regain my sleep once I would get home the next day, but then my friend Misam came by my flat and started talking about a squat party. I took us ages to finalize the location and I had already settled myself in my pajamas on sofa, which comes with a TV in front of it so even better, and did not picture myself going out anymore.

Until at two in the morning, still very early for argentine understanding of nightlife, we got a text message with the address. As in a miracle I raised myself from my comfortable state of well being off the sofa into a skirt and joined the rest to the party. I stayed the night at her place so Gaston's sister could have my bed and Gaston could be spared the joy of sleeping next to Owen on the sofa. In the afternoon I went home to see them all off to the north and then went out again to meet Misam at `Plaza de Mayo', the square where stands the `Casa Rosada', presidential house with the famous balcony of Evita.

There would be a memorial service in memory of one of the founders of the `mothers of Plaza de Mayo': those mothers that went and still go out every Thursday since Argentina's dirty war in 1976, with white towels on their heads, slamming pots and pans with spoons demanding to know what happened to their disappeared loved ones. This year the remains of the founder of `De las madres de la Plaza de Mayo' where found and lain down to rest today on Plaza de Mayo. Misam and me stood there as the atmosphere gripped hold of my heart, thinking of the past and what grief this country has suffered and still suffers.

I noticed the highly percentage of indigenous people present and wondered what all the `white' people would be too busy with to come here today. Then I saw a guy taking pictures of Misam and me, as we were leaning on a barricade watching the memory stone. I could not resist noticing the irony in the choice of subject for his camera. After that I got in the subway at `Catedral' and got out at `Bulnes' to walk home. That is when, finally after my cleaning fit, I lied down and had a rest.

But a short one it was, for Pablo called saying that he was hanging out with friends at his house if I wanted to come. Did I? I was invited to meet the friends. Weird but excited I got some cold beers out the fridge and off I was again, not knowing that this night with his friends I was about to meet a bunch of guys that would soon become my very own very best friends. Leaving my apartment, Alfredo sneaked up on me again as a spy waiting at the door to get a chance to bother me and freak me out with the obscene things he says. "You little busy bee", he said, "The only chance of a glimpse of you I get is as you come and go. Its such a pleasure to see you, you are a sight of the eye." I shrugged him of by smiling "I think it's time you get yourself some glasses Alfredo, your eyes are starting do deceive you!" and opened to door out onto the street.

At Pablo's we watched films that night and threw some pizzas in the oven. Everyone sort of fell asleep while watching the film and left home. I went over to Pablo's room where he was busy packing his bag to go and see his dad again the next day after work. I had fallen asleep on his bed and was woken up as he also lied down on the bed with soft music playing and a candle burning. I noticed he had taken my shoos off and cuddled up against him as I let him undress me further.

In both our sleepiness we still found plenty of energy for each other and at times I found him looking deep into my eyes. I was not sure what he tried to find there but I enjoyed the evening and felt something had changed. No longer where we just two people looking for comfort of someone, this night we wanted it only from each other, raising ourselves out of our sleep to hug one another. We shared a cigarette, a habit of mine that he has adopted completely and he asked me what I was thinking off. I told him I wasn't thinking of anything important.

"You?" I asked back. "About what you might have been thinking." "Well...we may always think what the other might think, but we will never really know, will we," I thought out loud as I looked him in the eyes and thought that he too might have felt what I was feeling. We stayed awake for hours that night, as if we did not want to let go of something we were enjoying too much. At some point however, we must have fallen asleep because we arose with Juan, who had fallen asleep on the sofa, hanging over us, saying: "Pablo, it's already half 8", on which we jumped out of bed into our clothes and out onto the street.

Juan and me both had our eyes half shut, not ready to wake up yet but looking for more sleep. Pablo had his eyes full of day light but nothing more than that, trying to prepare himself for a long day at work bend over and correcting thick law books.

"Watch out!!" I still exclaimed but in the moment of confusion written on Pablo's face I had already jerked him away in time of stepping into the biggest dog poo you have ever seen in your life. All yawning we were now laughing in the street, looking at each other, a new mix of people that had found and met each other. "What a way to start the day" Juan sighted with a twinkle in his eye and we kept walking. They went to the right; I went to the left directly up to my house and on to the sofa where I enjoyed a nap and having the house all to myself. A heavy rain is now released by the sky. I still sit in my bikini on the sofa, heat. I decide to take a shower and find an Internet café as two friends just texted me that they wrote me something important. I see a little bird on my terrace as I get up.

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