Czech sociologist Petr Hampl:

We have the right to deal with the refugees as with aggressors

3. 9. 2015

"Traitors of the Czech nation are helping refugees to exterminate Czechs the way the whites have exterminated Red Indians," said Czech sociologist Petr Hampl in an interview with the controversial and highly popular Czech website Parlamentní listy.

"Refugees insolently break Czech law, behave to the Czechs as though they were their servants, threaten Czechs and instead of being grateful for food and accommodation, they organize mutinies. This is why the Czechs have the right to deal with them as with aggressors. But Czech citizens should not physically attack the refugees, because multiculturalists would use these attacks for introducing a totalitarian regime."

Source in Czech ZDE


Obsah vydání | Čtvrtek 3.9. 2015