I feel like a martyr for the truth, said Czech Christian Democratic activist who foulmouthed the dead people in the Austrian lorry

2. 9. 2015

Daniel Kalenda, a Czech Christian Democratic activist, has been expelled from the Czech Christian Democratic Party for calling the dead people, found in the lorry in Austria last week "dirt" and "rabble". In reaction to the expulsion, he said he felt like Jan Hus, the 15th century Czech religious reformer, who was burned at the stake for his criticism of church abuses.

"I feel like Jan Hus [i.e. a martyr for Truth]. Somewhat clumsily I expressed the view which is held by the majority of the citizens in this country. I did not approve of the death of those people, I just did not express sorrow over that tragedy," Kaledna said in a widely disseminated text message after his expulsion.

Kalenda's earlier comments relating to the death of 71 refugees in the refrigerated lorry in Austria, which he made on Facebook, included the following statement:

"So what, 71 dead people on a motorway in Austria. Are we supposed to weep because of this. Apparently, they ran out of air immediately after the doors were closed. And so what? They should not have been stupid and should not have stepped in that lorry. The best thing would have been if they had stayed at home. They say the world is shocked... I am not mourning over them, I do not feel sorry for them. Really! They are dirt and rabble and elements that do not belong here. And those people who help them should take them home for free and support them personally, if they are such angels of magnanimity and Samaritans. I will not allow this country or Europe to go black!"

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