We will have ethnic conflicts in Czech Republic

24. 2. 2010 / Štěpán Steiger

Attention, this is not some conspiracy theory - even if only a few people know about it. Concretelly, two female and four male members of the Czech Parlament, as well as also members of the organizational committee in the lowe House, which approved the trip of this group of six. Where to? Well, to Peru, because there, in that official visit, this delegation will find out how to overcome ethnic conflicts.

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In Europe (arguably even in Asia) this kind of expertise is not available, for the Peruvian native Indians are considered to be able to produce such a type of conflict - and in the Czech Republic we, after all, have also ethnic groups (I remind at least the Roma people, Vietnamese and maybe Slovaks), who could engage in such rebellions. And the parlamentarians, as correct politicians anyway think about the future of those who elected them - about the future much more distant than is one mandate, when they do not even have to be present at the House of Representatives, but conflicts can still arise and they would then be at the disposal the higher needs of the nation to advise them.

Let us be of course correct. It is not only about anticipating ethnic conflicts, about which that parlamentatian group - led by MP Zuzka Bebarova-Rujbrova, president of the petition committee - is willing to inform. Considering the rank of that lady parlamentarian from the Communist party the delegation is also interested about the "rights of the original native inhabitants in the economic and ecologic conflict of interests", as says the report. In the Czech Republic, as far as I know, we do not have "original native inhabitants" (though Czechs have been here for over a thousand years, not even historians are completely united in the opinion about who were actually the original inhabitants of these lands), but of course even current inhabitants at times complain that in the conflict between economic and environmental interests their own interests are passed over.

And as the Vice Chairman of the House of Deputies by the Communist party Vojtěch Filip says, Peru is a country "where we should have promoted our economic interests". He gets evidence of that from the mistakes of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which does not consider Peru as a "priority country". Filip has to know better, since Peru appears in the trade statistics of Czech Republic on the 104th place in export sales, 84th in importation and 99th in general turnover, so it is certainly long overdue time for that to change.

The way is understandably - that is the way foreign trips of Deputies and Senators always are - quite busy. Trip to Machu Picchu is not included in the plan, assures Rujbrová (she didn't realize that until April 1st that Andes' top mountain is closed for tourists thanks to a flood not long ago, which made the land forbidden to enter, if she was planning a trip there already next week...)

Citizens or tax payers, who pay the relatively high expenses the members of the two houses of parlament have when abroad will not be much interested that the trip of the sixtet of our representatives cost about 1,2 million Czech crowns. Considering the deficit, estimated at somewhere around 160 billion Czech crowns, these trips are arguably irrelevant. Maybe the delegation will still boast about their experience before the elections on the Internet. At least those members of the delegation who will not run for reelection or later those who do not win back their seats could share their experience and comments - voters could then judge, where this experience can be used after 29th of May.

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