Prague firm BNV Consulting talks of sacking employees in its Christmas party invitation

8. 12. 2009

Prague firm BNV Consulting has included a comic in its Christmas party invitation in which two of its employees apologise for being late coming to the party because "they still needed to carry out the sackings in Dopravní podnik, the Prague Transport Authority".

The comic also features one of the sacked employees of the Prague Transport Authority. He says: "Thank you for inviting me to your party. Even though I have just lost my job, you are great, mates!" He tries to embrace the woman director of BNV Consulting, who reacts with disgust and irony: "Huh! This is what I call a satisfied customer!"

BNV Consulting is currently working on a controversial downsizing and restructuring project for the Prague Transport Authority. The Prague Transport Authority runs the city's excellent and inexpensive public transport system.

The Trade Union at the Prague Transport Autority have re-activated its strike committee in response to the publication of the BNV Consulting Christmas party invitation. The trade unionists have called on the management of the Prague Transport Authority to cease all cooperation with BNV Consulting and stop the process of outsourcing its activities.

"The comic is an example of a cynical and inhuman attitude of BNV Consulting to the employees of the Prague Transport Authority," say the unions, adding that "BNV Consulting has deprived many long-term employees of the Prague Transport Authority of their jobs by implementing their unstructured and unprofessional measures."

BNV Consulting has responded to the criticism by saying: "It is obvious that the trade unionists [at the Prague Transport Authority] are looking for any pretext not to work. Our Christmas invitation is a legitimate joke. It is much less absurd that the demands and the attitudes of the trade unions. We will not be recalling the Christmas invitation, nor are we planning to apologise to the trade unionists."

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