Michael Moore's films "will not be allowed to irritate US tourists in Prague"

5. 2. 2010

Michale Moore's film Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) is being screened in Prague's Slovanský dům Palace Cinemas multiplex from 4th February 2010. There is only one showing per day, at 6 pm.

The same treatment was given in 2008 to Moore's film Sicko (2008), which was screened in the Slovanský dům Palace Cinema multiplex also only once a day and only for a week.

The decision when to screen films and for how long is the prerogative of the cinema manager, it was explained to Focus on the Czech Republic. In the view of the Slovanský dům Palace Cinema multiplex, Michael Moore is "a highly controversial person". The number of screenings of his films are limited to a minimum because "they could irritate American tourists in Prague". Also, "there is minimal interest in Michael Moore's films in the Czech Republic," says the management of the Slovanský dům Cinema multiplex. "It is undesirable that Moore's films should irritate US tourists even in Prague."

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