Czech Telegraph

24. 2. 2010 / Fabiano Golgo

The Defence Committee from the Czech lower house of Parliament opposed a plan to increase the number of Czech soldiers in Afghanistan. The government wants to send 55 more troops to the over 500 Czech soldiers already there. 

The Czech army spent CZK 8 billion on weapons and airplanes without having launched tenders for the contracts. The MPI Group, owned by a friend of Defence Minister Martin Barták, supplied the army with ammunition for almost CZK 1 billion.

Nearly 10 percent of agricultural land in the Czech Republic is now used for organic farming. Around 400,000 hectares are practicing organic farming, 2,700 farms are using those ecofriendly techniques, in a year-on-year increase of about 20 percent.

The famous auction site eBay launched a Czech version (, but their PayPal system will not be available in Czech until the end of March. 

Czech Republic's Health Minister announced he is reducing an order for swine flu vaccine shots to 700,000 because not as many people as expected want to get vaccinated. The initial plan was to vaccinate about 1 million people.

Insider's Info: Rebel (paradoxically for being an Orthodox Constitutional and Tax Conservative) Republican former White House contender, Ron Paul, coming to Vienna in May for a seminar about his belief that the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes should be forgotten and substituted for those of the Austrian School (Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, Carl Menger, Israel Kirzner, among others)...


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