There is no difference between current Czech politicians and the politicians of the communist era, says an opinion poll

27. 1. 2010

According to an opinion poll carried out by the Prague-based STEM polling agency in January 2010, 84 per cent of the Czechs are convinced that the privileges enjoyed by current Czech politicians are the same as the privileges that used to be enjoyed by the politicians of the former communist regime in Czechoslovakia. 87 per cent of the Czechs feel that Czech government and Czech politicians do not take citizen's views into consideration when making decisions.

Only 20 per cent of the Czechs believe that current Czech politicians are more honest than the representatives of the former communist regime. 40 per cent of the Czech voters strongly believe that current Czech politicians are less honest than the politicians in the communist era.

The opinion poll was carried out by STEM between 2nd and 11th January, 2010. 1297 individuals were interviewed.

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