For This Time...

24. 2. 2010 / Pavel Kopecký

Former premier Mirek Topolánek, who was a hard-working student of the Military School during the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic days, is getting old. In the media we can see him grumpy, injuriated, agressive. He permanently is not able to control himself (certainly because of the insuficient preferece of voters for the Civic Democrats/ODS and his personal problems), but in the Sunday television political show, during the chat "at Moravec's", that was not so obvious. For a while he even tuned up with another rather talkative politician. With (leftist) populist Miloš Zeman, who, discarded the envious and the spiteful, also pretends to not have finished at the public affairs arena. The flippant randy Man from the People basically found a way into the huckle backed also randy local (pseudo) intellectuals. After all, they both have the same enemy.

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That same day Civic Democrats' Chairman Topolánek told a group of scouts and "Blue Tied", or Young Conservatives (I have always understood that connection in Czech Republic, over all explanations from experts, as a contradictio in adiecto) laconic little sentence: "We are not many here" [in this country]. He didn't mention, of course, the falling number of inhabitants of our loved homeland, didn't moralize with his own example, with post-dismissed-wife's Nicolas as a guarantee. Up to an unwanted level he reacted factually against the disagreement from those present with the gradual legimization of local Communists. Translating "from Czech language to Czech language" (as in "to plain English") into an unwillingness to register the reality, i.e. pouring of pre-electioneering canting of the anticommunism. At the same time exactly that this clear display illustrates the lingering survival way for pseudovalues in general, "conservation by machine". Albeit marginal, also the meeting with those young activists ran over the national media...

But let's leave it, perhaps "Topo" and Zeman colligate. Professional retired senior with his constant rethorics grabs Paroubek some percentage of voters and the fellow from the Valaska region instead of the old agitation brew recall "Protentokrát" [a word-play with the word Protektorát - Protectorate -, meaning "for this time"] (traditionally popularly called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) a new Nazi reality. Antibolshevik billboards: "If they overpower you, you will perish!" Basically he does over himself (a normal) cross. Forever.


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