Obama's new anti-missile project will destabilise the international security system

19. 9. 2009 / Karel Dolejší

Obama's New Missile Defense Plan says expressly that in its projected fourth stage of development, around 2020, the Missile Defence System will be capable, as a result of the use of the SM-3 Block IIB missile interceptors, of controlling better the threat of short and intermediate range missiles as well as the future potential threat of intercontinental missiles, aimed against the United States (underlined by KD).

In this connection it is necessary to remind ourselves of the main Russian objection to the original US missile defence project for Europe, supported by George Bush. The Russians have always been afraid that Bush's missile defence shield would neutralise the Russian strategic deterrent because it would be capable of shooting down intercontinental missiles launched from the Russian territory.

These Russian fears are connected to the speculations which can occasionally be found in various US strategic documents, that it would be desirable if the USA acquired the ability of the first nuclear strike against enemy territory without being afraid of retaliation.

At the moment, the Russian military bosses are probably assessing the risk that the SM3 missile interceptor in its Block IIB version might really become what Robert Haddick's analysis says it will become: "The SM-3 IIB is supposed to substitute for the GBI around 2020, about five years after the GBI was to be ready in Europe".

If this is true, Obama's current "technological update" of Bush's plans has given Russia nothing else but some five years' breathing space. Thereafter, instead of the possibly not very efficient NMD/GMD system, which was supported by George Bush, Russia will probably face a much more effective mobile system.

While Bush's stationary missile shield could be reliably destroyed by the Russian Iskander missiles, stationed in the Kaliningrad area, Obama's new mobile system will be much less vulnerable. Moscow does have any weapon to counter it at the moment.

In other words, the new anti-missile project, proposed by Obama, has, potentially, an even more destabilising impact on the current international security system than the old project of George Bush.

If the Czech anti-missile movement wishes to achieve its original aim, i.e. to prevent the superpowers from using the Czech territory for destabilising the current international security system, it must not allow the Czech Republic to become a territory after 2020 on which new military systems will be freely placed which the Russian federation will see as a mortal threat to its existence.

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