Whites Not Allowed!

8. 11. 2010 / Karel Dolejší

We now have a sweet bakery owner in the Prague-Libuš area who supposedly gave orders for his employees to refuse services to Vietnamese people. He claims that this decision came after some Vietnamese stole his cell phone, adding that, on top of that, they sit for hours over one piece of dessert. What's worse, the Chairwoman of the Committee for Multicultural Coexistence -- of all people! -- expressed understanding towards the businessman's position in her county's website, while citing the noise and bad smell coming from the apartment block where the Vietnamese community lives.

After the media spread the news about the conflict, the bakery owner started to lighten up and spin his initial ethnic generalizations, now saying that not all Vietnamese are bad -- those who dress more seriously, perhaps don't steal and some, according to him, don't even stink... Who says that's racism?

It is the same old story and it is getting worse and worse. Instead of addressing the wrongdoings of concrete problematic individuals, we throw all members of a group into the same bag, condemning them for preferring rice over our dumplings...

What to do? I originally wanted to write about how one really racist Czech doesn't make all Czechs xenophobes, but today I can't arrange my thoughts well, because some disgusting Caucasians are making a mess right next door...

So, making it short: we are not too far from a time when every tenth citizen of Czech Republic will be from some ethnic minority. We have to learn how to live together with other nationalities in peace. Or else one day we will be the ones finding signs in front of the cool African pubs in Prague: Whites not Allowed... Then it will be really too late.

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