"Czech Peace" Trailer on the Web

17. 8. 2010 / Jan Čulík

CZECH PEACE extended trailer 7 min 40 sec from Filip Remunda on Vimeo.

Vít Klusák's a Filip Remunda's new film Český mír (Czech Peace), which documented from various sides the happenings around the plan to build and American radar in Czech Republic, and was shown at the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) International Film Festival and also at the Písek film festival this year now has a 7 minute trailer on the Internet, posted by one of the directors. You will certainly enjoy it.

The movie is shot in a rather Michal Moore-ish way, with a sense for the ironic, the comical and the absurd, so it is not surprising that Moore is telling the American public to check it outHERE.

Český mír will be available on DVD in Czech Republic (hopefully with English subtitles) in the upcoming autumn.


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