Smile, please!

6. 10. 2010 / Monika Málová

You certainly know this picture from the last days of our current Autumn: from early morning a lead-induced skyscrape, air temperature at the most at 10 degrees Celsius (and it won't get any better), while the radio invades us with negative news and threats -- from the price increases of everything possible, workers losing their jobs, about budget cuts that will affect even maternity benefits, the reduction of subsidies for the disabled and the ill [and those cuts are rather unnecessary, according to foreign economists], and that when we are being told that the upcoming winter will be the coldest in about a thousand years...

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Against all those who don't like us, against those with whom we don't agree, against those whoever hurts or afflicts us: Life is too short for us to allow ourselves to get contaminated by someone who doesn't have good intentions towards us. Let's not expect that the upcoming regional elections will bring any change for the better. Whatever the party in power, they lose their colors soon after the election.

So how to then get rid of such days in our lives? Where to regain mental and physical strength? Well, exactly by doing one thing that costs nothing (a little empathy, love towards those close to us, humility) -- just smile.

To simply go out and offer a smile to some elderly person, for whom fully stretched lips showing off a friendly smile can make miracles (I've got some experience with it, believe me...)

To give someone a hand, exchange a couple of nice words... In these hectic times, this feels like balsam to the soul of both sides. To offer a smile to the poor shop assistant or even some annoying civil servant. A smile disarms others and with a smile everything goes better, as some song says...

So let's get positive despite of all suffering and negative predictions by smiling to the arrival of each new day. Let's try to like each other and to help others. And let's start by smiling...


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