What comes next? Criminalization of people who lose their jobs?

8. 9. 2010 / Zdeněk Škromach

The resurrected pre-election move by the Civic Democrats (ODS), which is once again declaring that it will limit the system of payments of unemployment help by offering, after one month from the person's registration at the unemployment office, either community work or job training, or else they will cancel the benefits, once again only showing the lack of concept in ODS policies and hence the entire cabinet, when it comes to labor and social issues.

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On top of that, since last Sping's pre-election campaign, ODS got even harder and the time between the registration at the unemployment office and the limit for finding a job was shortened from two months to 30 days. In the current economic situation, when we have a relatively high level of unemployment and when, unfortunately, even decent people lost their jobs, that is not the way towards a competitive Czech Republic, but a trip to hell.

If ODS will advance this project even in the government level, then it will only prove to the public that all those words by Petr Nečas about responsibility and averting the Greek down trail were just campaign lies.

The government is not even able to find work for those who have been unemployed for more than a year. Most people find work themselves, without State help, after half a year unemployed. Now, thanks to forced community services, they won't have time to look for new work. What will come next? The criminalization of people who lost their jobs?


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