Residence Papers

28. 10. 2010

Residence papers didn't exist only in Habsburg Austria and in Czechoslovakia's First Republic period, but also continued to exist even after the II World War, as this picture from such a document from my father is dated from 1947, writes Václav Kohn.

The rights of residence were acquired mainly based on where the person was born, as the note that can be read in the bottom of the pictured document, but there were other possibilities

So, if we decided to bring that system back, it wouldn't have to be limited at throwing the responsibility over the homeless to the place where he or she was born. I would like to see the renewal of that residence document and the obligations connected to it, so that each town would have to take care of their own people in need, instead of having them concentrated in larger urban areas.

My parents unfortunatelly are no longer among us, so I can't ask them details about their residential papers, but it would be welcome if those who had such documents back in those days and historians could tell us more.

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